Wensi (Macy) Dong, MS. LMFTA.

licensed marriage and family therapy associate


Many of us have moments in our lives where we wish we could have someone we trust with whom we can share our pain, doubts and questions.  Someone who can just be there and listen and hold our hands as we face the difficult time together. If you are in one of these moments right now, I am here for you. No matter what concerns you, if you haven’t been able to find that someone you can trust to listen and be there for you, I am here for you with completely non-biased and non-judgmental support for you. God blessed me with a compassionate heart and listening skills enabling me to genuinely listen, to care and to love. And I truly believe that every soul has the opportunity to recover when given genuine care, love and understanding.

With 13+years Human Resources (HR) background, 3+ years mental health experience working as an ABA therapist and a child, youth and family therapist at NAVOS, I have begun building a solid reputation for being very well suited for providing child, youth, adult and family counseling. I provide premarital therapy, couples counseling, sex therapy, play therapy, art therapy and career counseling/coaching. I use an evidenced based assessment, PREPARE/ENRICH approach for premarital therapy which creates conversation around how they view and envision their marriage. I use play therapy with children so they can have a safe and non-threatening environment to explore their journey of recovering. I use art therapy with youth and adults since our right brain has the magical power to bring the truth out well ahead of our left brain. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy to work with couples since after all as human beings, attachment needs are universal. My 13+ years as a senior HR professional tasked with supporting the successful careers of many thousands of people, has given me great insights on all sorts of difficulty across a myriad of working relationships and dynamics and I believe this will further benefit you when you need a non-biased career coach.




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